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Younger is a funny and girly series about Liza, 40 years old who after her divorce, has to find a new job. But, when you are 40 and live in NYC, work in edition is hard to find and companies often prefer young women…so she decides to pretend that she is 26 ! This little lie pays and she finds a nice job in an editorial company and also, a boyfriend…. a young boyfriend ! She became a cougar without anyone can know !


I really enjoy this series that is modern, fresh and funny. It is adorable to see how Liza tries to manage her life as a young woman even if she already lived that before ! She is also very smart and always has good idea at work. The experience baby !


The characters are very nice and all perfect in their roles. Sutton Foster playing Liza is perfect in the skin of this false 20-something. Hilary Duff playing her co worker Kelsey is also very enjoyable ! Those two are the perfect duo ! The situations are sometimes scatty and you are always worried that somebody discovers her secret !

A really nice and relaxing girly series ! Like it !

Do you ever watched it?

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