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I discovered Triana Miami a few months ago after chatting with my fellow US bloggers on Twitter and had the chance to try 2 of their products : the Blended seaweed and rose hip cleanser and the Vitamin C plus cream.

I didn’t really know what to expect but as I am always enthusiast to try new brands/new products, I was pretty excited to test the Triana Miami products. Also, I love to spread the word to help new beauty brand when they have effective and pleasant products 😉 So, let’s discover these 2 products !

Blended seaweed and rose hip cleanser


Some of the bloggers that tried this product wrote that the scent of this product is not great according to their personal tastes. Sure that we are all different and don’t like the same type of scent, but as far as I’m concern, I like the scent of this cleanser ! Sure it is not a conventional scent and if you don’t like seaweed, it will be hard for you to appreciate it.


The texture is a liquid pink gel that runs fast through the packaging if you don’t pay too much attention. It creates a good lather/small foam and works very well coordinate with my facial brush. The only issue I’ve got is that the product has the tendency to itch the eyes, so you really have to close your eyes firmly when you’re using it. However, this product is great and after cleansing, my skin is very clean and purified. A good product !

Vitamin C plus cream


The Vitamin C Plus is a cream that is very soft and with a neutral scent. It is a very moisturizing cream that plumped the skin and repair damages. The texture is very nice and easy to absorb into the skin.


You don’t need to use a big amount each day so the product is economic. I like the pampering effect and the good moisturizing sensation on my skin. As my hands are the tendency to be super dried when I’m at work, I also have the habit to give this cream to my hands as a special repairing treatment and it is a real savior ! Love it !

Products available at Triana Miami website – Retail price : Cleanser $23/Cream $28.

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