Tony Moly Egg pore Shiny Jewel Soap

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Tony Moly Egg pore Shiny Jewel Soap

If I’ll really have got an obsession with my skin, it will absolutely be my pores. Months after months I’m trying more and more products to try to reduce them. Lastly, I tried the Tony Moly Egg pore Shiny Jewel Soap.

I really like the packaging, very original because its really looks like an egg box ! Inside, you can find two « eggs » : a white one and a yellow/brown one.


The white one is to be used on mornings and the yellow/brown one for evenings. The two of them have a shiny finish, it is really strange and you have the impression to have a magic egg in your hand ! So weird !


These two soaps form a nice and evenly foam : take them in your palms and add water to foam, then apply to your face and use it with or without a face brush. This product clean my face well, but I can not say that I saw a big difference on my pores unfortunately. However, I’m sure that it prevents my pores to be dirt, so it is not ineffective. Did you ever tried those? What do you think about the Tony Moly products in general?

Available at Memebox website – Retail price : $14

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