The whispers

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The whispers

A bunch of new series arrived a couple of weeks ago on TV and one trailer made me curious…The whispers is a sort of sci-fi series with a touch of investigation.

Children around D.C start talking with the same imaginary friend named Drill, who persuades them to play dangerous games. Claire Bennigan a FBI agent investigates on this very particular case. She has lost her husband in a tragic accident a few month ago and tries to be more present for his deaf son. Meanwhile, the defense department sends Wes Lawrence to the Sahara Desert, where he encounters a strange geological phenomenon. As puzzle pieces come together, creating a frightening picture, humanity must wage a battle against unseen forces if it hopes to survive.


The first episode of The Whispers is intriguing and set the story and characters. Involving children in the heart of the mystery is a very good idea because it is scary and super strange. Next episodes are also good but I’m wandering where the story will bring us… Will we have some answer at the end of this first season ? I hope it will be the case ! I don’t like when something has not a real end !


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