The slap

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There are a lot of new series these days and I give some a try. I watched a few episodes of The slap, a mini series of 8 episodes about a family that falls apart because of an altercation during a barbecue. The story is about a delicate topic. Can somebody has the right to slap a kid that is not his own?

The cast is impressive with actors like Uma Thurman, Zachary Quinto (seen in Heroes), Peter Sarsgaard (seen in The killing) or Penn Badgley (seen in Gossip Girl) but unfortunately their characters aren’t really interesting… The story is inconsistent and it is very difficult to find out the relations between characters because there are so little background information about them. All the characters are introduced in the pilot. It is Hector’s 40th birthday and his family and friends are coming home for a barbecue.


All the characters are really annoying. They all have something intolerable in their personality, for example Hector (Peter Sarsgaard) is a man who is obsessed about a young woman working with his wife (and also his children’s babysitter), Harry (Zachary Quinto) is kind of violent man who has difficulty to control himself and also cheated on his wife, Rosie (Melissa George) is the breastfeeding mum of a boy of 5 …

There is also a voiceover in this series but I don’t really understand why they needed it… this voice is just here to repeat what the viewer already understand…so not a good idea here.

All this story about the slap and the emotion and action after it is really suffocating. I really don’t like this show and don’t recommand it, even if it’s only an 8 episodes… It’s boring!

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