Tata Harper Concentrated brightening serum

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Choosing a good serum could be really delicate. The key is to choose a product for each skin problem/damage you would like to improve. One of my biggest concern these days is brightness…  Even if the weather here is not so terrible (very less than it was in France during winter), my skin is really in need of brightness during this mourning season.

Tata Harper Concentrated brightening serum is to compare to one of my previous serum I tried the Avalon Ageless Illuminating serum that I loved ! These two serums are lightweight and citrus scented, natural and specially formulated to improve brightness. Only the price is really really different. When you buy one Tata Harper, you could buy 10 Avalon.


Despite of those considerations, Tata Harper Concentrated brightening serum is really a good product that worth the money. This serum even won an Allure Best of Beauty award ! As far as I’m concern, I saw my skin changes after a few days of use and looks really brighter than before using it. Even my few brown spots on my forehead seems to be less marked.


The formula is really nice, fluid and easily penetrate the skin. The scent is energizing and well balanced. And, most of all, I love that this product is entirely natural without paraben and chemicals that we can find in other traditional brands.


The only real problem (and it’s a big one to my point of view) is the price. Not everybody can afford this type of product even so prodigious…what a shame !

Available at Tata Harper’s website – Retail price : $220/1 fl oz

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