Scream the TV series

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I am not a big fan of horror movies at all but, like most of the persons of my generation, I saw some of the Scream movies when I was a teenager. Also, I was very intrigued when I heard a few months ago that MTV will aired a Scream TV series ! I wanted to give it a try !

After a cyberbulling accident that goes viral, a very brutal murder in Lakewood will be the first of a new serie. But that is not the first time that Lakewood is the theater of such terrible acts and some of the memories will be very hard to forget. Emma, a high school girl and hers friends are the target of this crazy murderer that wear a ghost mask. But who is the murderer and why everybody seem to have something to hide ?


This first season is very well done. Even if the story is about teenagers and a mystery murderer who love to be very cruel (some of the executions are very hard to watch), you are always wondering who could do this type of thing ? During the episodes you will probably accuse anyone because they are all something to hide. Also, the past around Emma’s parents is the main response… I really enjoyed this first season and the last episode will let you know how was the murderer 😉 Can’t wait for season 2 !

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