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That is maybe the first and only time that I write about a series which takes place where I live, in Charleston, SC. It’s really interesting to see Charleston in a series and a little bit crazy also because most of the time, all the series are in NY or in California, so that is really nice to see the beautiful Charleston be honored by a series because this city deserves to be discovered!

TV Reckless

Reckless is about crime investigations and the story is multiple. First they are the 2 main characters: Roy the handsome procurer and Jamie the Yankee lawyer who are always fighting against each other for their clients in the Court. They are completely attracted since the pilot and that is the romantic part of the series. Then, there is a big affair around a former police woman Lee Anne that was sexually abused by their coworkers and who want justice. We discover episode by episode that there are a lot of mysteries under the Police… And then, there is at each episode a crime investigation that is different.


I was not convinced after seeing the pilot, but I have to say that finally I am really taken with this series because of the charming characters and the mysterious stories. Unfortunately I think I read somewhere that there will not be a season 2…

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