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Model Launcher proposes a range of professional cosmetics and I were curious to try them out ! After several weeks of use, here are my review about 3 of their products : a pore perfector primer, a concealer and a liquid lipstick.

Pore-perfecting face primer


I have, like a lot of women some troubles with my pores mainly on and around my nose and if I don’t wear a primer, they are more visible. Also, when I’m searching for a flawless face (and that is not everyday), I apply some primer.


This one is very nice and you don’t need a lot of product to blend your pores. A small dot is enough to cover the area I need to cover and it creates a barrier between your skin and your make up, like an undercoat.


The texture is perfect, it glides on the skin but is not too slippery like most of this kind of product. With this primer on my face, my pores seem less visible.

Retail price : $24/1 fl oz

Flawlesstouch concealer


Concealer is one of my mandatory product every morning, because if I forget it, my eyes seem more tired and it can ruin all the rest of my face ! This concealer is absolutely amazing and is just perfect for my skin shade !


It is a stick concealer so it is really easy to bring it with you in your purse if you need it during the day.


Also the texture is very soft and completely splendid : it covers my dark circles in an instant and let my eye area luminous. Love it !

Retail price : $17

Liquid lipstick


This liquid lipstick is very intriguing. The texture is thick and a little bit pasty, sort of mix between a gloss and a lipstick.


The applicator is large so it is difficult to apply the product properly without having some overflow. The color is very pigmented, this shade is a true red, very profound and intense.


I do love the texture because once in your lips, it is not too sticky and the finish is creamy and opaque. Red is not my favorite color for a lipstick, but there are also some nice colors in that range that could be interesting if you like pinks or nude.

Retail price : $18

These products are available online at Model Launcher website.

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