Mad about the boy – Helen Fielding

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Mad about the boy - Helen Fielding

I read the last Bridget Jones’ novel Mad about the boy just because I was curious to know how Bridget changed… The story takes place around 20 years after the Bridget we known, she is now 51, has 2 kids and back single because her true love Mark Darcy is dead.

Bridget is still obsessed with her weight and unit of alcohol, but she stopped smoking (she takes Nicorette’s instead), that seems like the old Bridget right ? But actually, she changed… she is profoundly shocked and sad about Mark’s death and even 4 years after her loss, she has difficulty to go back to the dating scene.

Finally, she tries to forget and begins to be a more connecting woman with Twitter and online dating. She finally becomes a cougar and goes out with a toy boy. Some situations are funny even if I thought that some parts were a little too much shameless (some parts with drugs or stuffs like that). However, some parts are also very sad when she remembers the good time she had with her husband…


So, Bridget is a different woman and a mother. She loves her kids and tries to be a good mother, but sometimes it is just too hard for her and she can’t be as perfect as she would like to ! And professionally, it is the same : she writes a scenario but has difficulty to turn it in a major project.

Read this book was special. I was sometimes not really interested (at the beginning for example) and impatient to know how she will deal with all her life’s stuff (at the end). So my feelings are mixed but even if I wasn’t completely seduced, I had some great time reading this book.

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