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Today is the launch of a very nice new brand named Itssē ! I immediately loved their concept : you choose your magnetic palette (3 colors available) and then, you choose your eye shadows, blushes, bronzers, highlighters, mattifying powder and/or brow powders to customize your palette ! That is amazing and absolutely genius !

I love this type of make up because you can really choose what you really need/want. Sometimes, when you buy a eye shadow palette, you already have the some colors in your make up collection, so you finally don’t use every colors. Here, you are the make up artist : you choose your own colors and so are sure that you will have only what you wanted to have !

First step : Choose a palette !


There are 3 different colors palettes to choose from : Black iris, Uptown Grey and Crisp white. That is very cool to have 3 different ones so you can choose a color for every use if you want. Personally, I choose Black Iris for my eyeshadows collection and Uptown Grey for complexion products !


The palettes are really good quality, they are elegant, portable and smart (magnetic, with a big mirror and a dust-shield).


The magnetic compartment can contain 12 eye shadows but you also can mix your eye shadows with complexion products to have a complete face palette (9 eye shadows and 2 complexion). Everything is possible and I absolutely love that !

Second step : Curate your own collection !


Ittsē has a big choice of products for a new brand ! You can choose from over 100 velvety, vivid, pressed shadows, brow and complexion products and group them together for a perfect look.


You will receive all your products in super cute packaging ! Each product has a special packaging that will assure that they’ll arrive in one piece. No worries about having broken pans !

My palettes !


I chose to build 2 different palettes : one for eyes and one for complexion.

Here is my eye shadows palette !


I chose from left to right and from first to third line :

  • Bare canvas
  • Les macarons
  • Tan lines
  • Grace
  • Step of Rome
  • Lincoln
  • Boho
  • Sure shot
  • The city
  • Metro
  • Otis
  • Irish coffee


The eye shadows are well pigmented, the colors are vivid and very easy to blend. Texture is soft and velvet and depend of the colors you choose, there are shimmer or matte colors. I really love these eye shadows ! They are very beautiful and make very good look !

My complexion palette :


From left to right, from first to second line :

  • Calypso
  • Shabby Chic
  • Zanzibar (highlighter)
  • Key Largo
  • Kyoto Plum
  • St Barts (bronzer)

Here again, I am not disappointed ! Colors are very pigmented and so gorgeous ! Blushes are perfect for a pop of color, highlighter is absolutely what I love, brings a beautiful glow and bronzer is natural looking and long lasting !

I’m really in love with all these products and I hope you’ll have the curiosity to go on their website to discover their incredibly collection !


More information and orders on Ittsē website. Retail prices : $21.99 each palette / $6.99 each brow powder/ $7.99 each eye shadow / $8.99 each complexion product (blush/bronzer/highlighter/mattifying powder).

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