How I (try) to plan my blog life

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If you’re following me on Twitter, you know that unfortunately, my job is not letting me a lot of time for my blogging activities. Every day I’m just frustrated about it, but, like everyone else, I need to pay my bills !

I love when things are organized, and even if sometimes I can’t controlled everything like I wanted to (I’m a little bit of a control freak) I try to track everything I do and nothing is better than a good planner !


I discovered Personal Planner on the Internet when I was looking for a good new planner with possible personnalisation. Yep, I’m a real girly girl and love all this kind of things ! I wanted something clear and pretty and also with a nice size to have all the space I needed to write down all my stuffs !


With Personal Planner I was able to choose everything ! First the size from Mini to A5, then the cover that you can totally personalized, you can add a cover text, choose the starting date of your planner, the color of the elastic closure and ruler, add personal dates, daily details and choose the internal layout.


You then add modules (to do list, idea, graph…) and choose the different section like overview of the year, coloring book… You also have a owner page at the beginning of the planner, so you can give directions if somebody finds your planner.







I really liked the way I personalized my planner so it can reflects anything I wanted it to be ! Inside I can track my progress, like my Facebook page likes, the posts I published, the Twitter chat I participated… I’m just pretty happy with it ! This planner is such a great quality : the paper is thick and resistant and everything is just perfect !!


And you, do you also have a planner for your blog ?

Available at Personal Planner website – Retail price from $29.95 to $39.95

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