How I cut my hair myself

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I always heard that finding a good hairdresser in the US is very complicated. Maybe it is because European people have great expectations and have the habit to have very competent people in their countries, people who did years of beauty school to have a certification and a lot of skills.

I already known that I will not be ready right away to confide my hair to an american hairdresser not only because I was not sure of the result, but also because, most of the time, hairdresser here cost too many for my budget.

My hair before :IMG_5350

Also, like I have a precise idea of what I want when I cut my hair, I just trust myself about it. It could seem very crazy, but it’s the way I am. So, yesterday morning, I asked to my husband what he though about my hair : do I have to let them grow ? They were very tired these past weeks, they fell a lot and seemed poor. It was obviously time to do something for them : cut them !

So this cut was absolutely something spontaneous and even if I wanted something different of what I finally did, I tell myself that this first cut will maybe be an intermediate look (means that I’ll maybe cut them again in a few days/weeks).

My hair after :IMG_5362

I had the idea to do a fauxhawk cut but finally, I just realize that cutting the back and side alone was difficult to do. Finally, I opted for a more simple haircut, a sort of short curly bob, very short on the neck.



I’m not too disappointed by this first cut, I’ll see if I want/need/can do something else in the future. Also, I have to re-dye my hair in a few week also ! What do you think about this new haircut ?

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  • Diana Besser

    Your haircut is really cute!
    My hair is similar. Yours is a bit curlier. than mine.
    Recently I cut my own short too. No past experience either but i love it. Its turned into a similar style to yours.
    Congratulations to your creativity and success!

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