Gelish Mini Hello Pretty collection

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This summer, like approximately every summer, I like to have bright colors on my nails. Some of these colors that energize a look in an instant and bring happiness and fun ! Gelish Mini has a very nice and colorful collection out this summer : the Hello Pretty collection, that includes 6 gel polishes neon shades.


From left to right : Manga-round with me ( a coral neon creme) / Do you harajuku? (a mint green creme) /Pop-arrazi pose (a hot pink neon creme) / Anime-zing color! (a dark purple neon creme) / Tokyo a go go (a light purple neon creme)/ Look at you pink-achu! (a bubblegum pink neon creme).


Like everytime, I am not disappointed with these gelpolishes. Always so easy to apply and resistant ! I even try a little nail art proposed by Gelish on their YouTube channel on an accent nail (please be indulgent, I’m not a professional at all!) and played with every color in a multiple manicure ! Also, sorry about the bad condition of my nails, but they are very tired since a few months and they are breaking a lot with my work…so they are not in their better shape !


I really like these colors, those are so perfect for summertime ! Inspired by Japanese fashion, it’s a real pop of color with any outfit !


Available in limited edition at Sally Beauty Supply stores and website – Retail price : $13.99/bottle

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