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Oh Galavant ! After seeing trailers all december on tv, my husband and I were very impatient to watch the first episodes of Galavant ! We didn’t really know what to expect, but the trailers seemed to be very good and funny !


Since the pilot, we fell in love with this show ! Galavant is a sort of musical, a comedic fairy tale about a knight who was in love with a woman, Madalena. They loved each other but the king Richard kidnapped her and married her. Then, we follow the journey of Galavant and his research for his « happy ever after » (but sure it will be full of adventures).


We love everything in this show and particularly the humor and songs that are absolutely delicious. The songs are really nice and rhyme perfectly ! The situations are pretty comic (and not too stupid) and the cast is really good. I didn’t see this type of show since a long time and I enjoy every part ! So funny !


Galavant is a comedy that looks like the Monty Python but to my point far better and most modern !! A very pleasant outsider knight in the television landscape ! Try it and you’ll not be disappointed ! Trust me !

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