Fresh off the boat

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Fresh off the boat

Fresh off the boat is a sitcom starring an asian-american family moving from Washington DC Chinatown to Orlando, Florida. Louis Huang, his wife Jessica, their three children and GranMa Huang discover a new environment and try to follow their american dream.


Louis open a typical american steakhouse restaurant but he has difficulty to find customers… Jessica is a sort of control freak mother who wants to manage everything, business and kids’school. Eddie, their 12 years old is an hip hop fan and tries to find some friends in his new school. He has to search imaginative way to attract his classmates ! His two little cute brothers haven’t any problem about integration and Eddie seems to be like the outsider of the family.


Situations are really funny in this sitcom. This (disfunctional) family is really the typical kind of immigrant family who has to deal with cultural differences and integration. And it is not always so simple ! Moreover, this series is inspired by a book about the life of chef and food personality Eddie Huang.

Fresh off the boat is a nice comedy that my husband and I enjoy. Hope that next episodes will be in the same dynamic : funny and a little bit crazy !!

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