Before I go to sleep

1 min de lecture


Before I go to sleep is the kind of movie that you enjoyed since the first minutes. A psychological thriller with really good actors and a good story.

Christine Lucas, a 40 years old woman wakes up in bed with a man she doesn’t seem to know. She’s scared and goes to the bathroom where she founds a lot of pictures on the wall with her and this man, Ben who is her husband.


Every day Ben has to explain to her that she had an accident that created amnesia : she forgets every memories when she wakes up in the morning and believe she is 20.


But when Ben leaves the house to going to work, she has a phone call. A doctor gives her instructions about what they used to do together to help her recover memories : she has a camera in her bedroom where she filmed herself about the stuff she learns about her past.


She discovers that her husband hides a lot of things from her like her friend Claire and also the son they had together Adam. Even the « accident » finally is an « attack », and the memories begins to came back to her. Who was the man who nearly killed her 10 years ago ?

I really liked this movie that is really a good thriller. Actors are excellent and story fascinating !

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