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Even if the material change or the shape evolve, makeup brushes are in general around the same model. That is probably comfortable for most of us, but it can be sometimes boring because makeup is sometimes a game, always a pleasure and we love to change your habits from time to time !

With Artis makeup brushes, you will learn a totally new bunch of gestures because these brushes are totally different from the others you may know ! They can seem like alien at the first glance because of their design, but the reality is that their particular shape is obviously the real change that will bring a new definition to your makeup application !


I know that pictures are not always really talkative, so here is a short video to present you each Artis brushes I have in my possession :

Here is the video in French for my french readers :

I really like these brushes. The design is so different and futuristic ! Maybe they will make you think about the MAC’s Masterclass brushes which have the same « toothbrush » look. It is because these brushes were designed by the same person, a former senior vice president at MAC Cosmetics : Matthew Waitesmith.

Here is the description that Artis gives to his brushes  :

Uniform application

Makeup applies more uniformly due to the CosmeFibre®. The uniform structure of the fibre plus the tapered ends helps apply product more consistently than animal hair. Artis brushes on average have 3-10 times as many individual fibres as conventional brushes. More fibres do more work with every pass across the surface of the skin. For example, the Oval 10 Brush has over 250,000 individual fibres each with a microscopically small and soft tip.

Superior blending

Every single CosmeFibre® filament has a tapered tip that ends in a microscopically fine structure which is only a few microns in diameter. This ultra fine tip blends on a microscopic level, creating patterns so small they are imperceptible with the naked eye. This superior blending enhances the makeup look.

Efficient use of product

The uniform surface area of each CosmeFibre® helps pickup and laydown product, without holding on to it. Less product gets trapped along the fibre’s length, and instead is held between the fibre tips.

Retains shape better

CosmeFibre® is made with a proprietary material that has some shape memory. This helps each fibre retail its shape better than conventional animal hairs. If a CosmeFibre® brush ever gets bent from compression during storage, you can revive the shape by holding the brush under hot running water for a few seconds, reshaping, and then allowing it to dry back to its original shape.


CosmeFibre®  keeps it shape more consistently, even though it has a smaller diameter than conventional hair. This helps the fibre perform well with powders, liquids or emollient-based products.

Helps avoid sensitivities

According to the American College of Allergies, Asthma and Immunology, an estimated 10% of the population is allergic to animals and their hair. For those with sensitive skin, CosmeFibre® provides an excellent animal-free alternative to conventional animal hair makeup brushes.

Animal-Free Beauty®

All Artis brushes are 100% Animal-Free. No animal hairs or by-products are ever used in making our products. Artis believes in: Animal-Free Beauty®.

CosmeFibre®  delivers consistently quality with every brush.

CosmeFibre®  is made using high tech machines that produce completely consistent fibres. You can depend on the fibre quality of every Artis brush to be the same, no matter when you buy it. The CosmeFibre® is then shaped and refined by hand into fibre bundles, and each brush is hand-assembled to create the artisan-quality Artis Brushes.

Chemically resistant

Resists excess water, alcohol, acids, detergent. Your Artis brushes won’t degrade from brush cleaning formulas.

UV resistant

CosmeFibre® is more resistant to UV than conventional animal hair makeup brushes. Your brushes won’t degrade due to sun or light exposure.

Wears longer

Artis® brushes were wear tested along with 2 grades of conventional brushes [prestige and mass] by having a simulated skin surface move against the brush bundles for 48 hours continuously. Artis® brushes suffered no damage, but a significant percentage of brush hair in both conventional brush categories broke and split .

Very gentle feel during application of makeup

Artis brushes all have CosmeFibre® that end in a micro soft tip that is so small it is measured in microns and can’t be seen with the naked eye. These tips provide a more gentle feel than other brushes, so they don’t irritate the skin during application.

Comfortable fit

Curved handle shape is not only classic and modern at the same time, but fits the contours of your hand and fingers, giving more natural control.

Enhanced performance

The Artis® Brushes use fibre bundles that eliminate the need for a metal ferrule. The fibres are held in place by a proprietary method that allows the fibres to be positioned in new ways for makeup brushes. Most Artis® Brushes have the fibres aligned perpendicular to the handle and skin surface. This keeps the fibre tips continuously in contact with the skin during application and creates superior laydown and blending.

Improves self-application

The Artis® Brushes design helps facilitate self-application of makeup. The fibre alignment and the tilted handle aid in simplifying application and blending to one’s own face.

Enhances application performance

Each brush is weight-balanced to help provide a unique feel to the brush, which helps enhance the application and performance.

Assists in ease of application

The Artis® Elite Brushes have “texurized” grip pads on the top and bottom sections of the handle. This helps the fingers better grip the handle and allows more control over makeup application.

Evolves the makeup brush to better meet the needs of the modern makeup user

Why should we be stuck with just one kind of makeup brush construction? Same black wood handle, metal ferrule, and animal hair bundle glued to the end. It is time to evolve what an artist brush could be.

More durable

Now that we have modern materials to choose from, and modern manufacturing techniques to use, we have applied them to making truly modern makeup brushes. High tech resins, metallized plating, and durable monofilaments are used to help make the brush more dependable and durable over its lifetime of use.

More modern

The Artis® Elite Collection is both modern and classic at the same time. The aesthetics of the smooth flowing surface are pleasing to the eye. Shouldn’t a makeup brush, that is a tool used to create beauty, be beautiful itself?

These brushes are perfect for a self utilization and very easy to use. After a short time of adaptation, you will not need to think about it anymore ! They are very soft and easy to wash as well as quick dry.

Circle 1R


This brush has a round fibre bundle with a curved dome. It is very practical for all the small areas of the face like corners of the eyes



Oval 3


This brush is for shading and blending shadows on the eyelid but it is also very great to apply concealer under the eyes.



Linear 6


This brush is define to apply easily a fine line of product around the eyes (upper and lower lashline).


Let me know if you would like to see a makeup application video !

Artis brushes are available on their website – Retail price between $32 and $72 per brush and kit available between $90 and $350.

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