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I did not search about different hair care products for my hair after I dyed them in red, because I already had great products that I used before and that were adapted to color treated hair. I use Aveda Caviar moisture since months (alternatively with some others because I like to change from time to time) and it is time for me to give you my feelings about this shampoo and conditioner !


The packaging is simple, but elegant. I love the open/close system that is very hygienic and practical (but it could be hard sometimes to press the bottle, particularly when it’s nearly the end of the bottle).

Caviar moisture shampoo


I really love this shampoo. Since the first time I tried it, it makes miracles ! The texture is very soft and glossy and smell so good ! You don’t need a lot to work well ! After massaging your scalp and let the product wash your lengths, you will probably feel that your hair is different, and actually, it will ! When I use this product my hair are so much better ! My curls are well defined, my hair’s texture is thicker and much more silky ! That is really amazing !

Caviar moisture conditioner


For a supplement of hydration to my lengths, I like to use the conditioner right away after the shampoo. Obviously, you don’t have to use it every time you wash your hair, but as I recently dyed my hair, a supplement of hydration is never a bad thing ! This conditioner is also a very good product. The texture is creamy and smooth and the scent is the same amazing one that the shampoo. After a few minutes, I rinse and let my hair air-dried. The result is exactly what I love !

Alterna products are available on the brand’s website and at Sephora – Retail price $32/8.5 fl oz

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