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Like all girls with curly hair I have some « bad hair days », the kind of day where your hair just have decided to do whatever it wants to without asking your permission. So from time to time I need some help and these past months I were very faithful to the Alterna Bamboo smooth curls products.

Anti-frizz curl re-activating spray


This spray is exactly what I need the days where my curls are a little bit tired. I do not wash my hair everyday so I spray some of this on the non-washing days. I really love the smell, that’s smells sooo good and also the fact that is rejuvenate my curls in a few minutes.

The formula is very light weight (it is a mist) so you can use a few sprays without worrying about this question.

Retail price : $25/4.2 fl oz

Anti-frizz curl-defining cream


The day when I decide to make an hairstyle, I have always the trouble that my hair has a lot of frizz around my face…so it is not very pretty and I like to master them to have a smooth hairstyle. This cream is just perfect to break all the frizz. I just use a very small amount, mixed it in my hands and apply it to the hair.

All the frizz are tamed in an instant, just be careful to use only a small amount if you don’t want that the product dries crunchy. Also this product smell wonderful ! I like it !

Retail price : $25/4.5 fl oz

Products available at Sephora or Alterna website.

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