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I like to straighten my hair from time to time, just to have the pleasure to change my head with a low maintenance. I had several straighteners/stylers in France, but when I came to live in America, I didn’t bring one with me.

Finally few months ago, I bought a new straightener. Like I use it just occasionally, I didn’t want to buy one too expensive but didn’t want a bad one also. That is the reason why I choose one from Remington that is a good brand for this kind of stuff.


The Wet 2 Straight styler had also another functionality that seduced me : the possibility to use it on wet or dry hair. Most of the straighteners are for dry hair only, so you have to blow dry your hair before using it…such a waste of time. This one seemed to be interesting to skip the blow dry and even if I wasn’t sure that it’ll work perfectly, I chose it nevertheless.

IMG_1896 (2)

I like the look of this hair tool, all black with a touch of light green that is elegant. There are multiple heat settings that you can choose dependently if you use it with wet or dry hair.

IMG_1893 (2)

Inevitably, the more your hair is wet, the more your hair tool will be used with a high temperature (and could damage your hair more). If you use it on wet hair, you will see vapor leave out from the holes in the side of the plates.

IMG_1895 (2)

Although the idea was great, that is long to straighten your whole head when your hair is wet…so finally, you don’t really win more time than blow drying before…

IMG_1889 (2)

When I straighten my hair with this styler, the result is good, but for a real perfect result I have to use it on my hair strands more than one time.

Sold in Walmart and other retailers – Retail around $23

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