Vacation time – Sinful Colors

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Vacation time – Sinful Colors

As I already told you, I don’t have a lot of nailpolishes here in the US. I let my entire collection (which was huge – approximately 500 nailpolishes) in France, so I had to buy some! In summer, I bought some bright and electric colors, but a few days ago I paid attention to the fact that I didn’t have any nude/basic color…and I had a job interview scheduled!


So I was in the obligation to buy a nice color that could easily fit for a job appointment. I knew that I will buy a Sinful Colors nailpolish to do the job because I never ever was disappointed by their products and also because it is a great value.


My choice was quickly made when I saw “Vacation time” in the rack. This beautiful ancient pink seemed to be perfect for the purpose. The color is just amazing, a pinky/brown that is perfect for bare nails and is flattering in any skin tone.


I applied two coats, but if you’re lazy, a single coat will give you also good results. Three days after applied it, I had no chips. So, the price is perfect, the color is wonderful and it is long lasting!

Sold at Target and drugstores — Retail $1.99/ 0.5 Fl. oz.

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