Tosowoong Enzyme powder wash and Detail clean pore brush

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Tosowoong Enzyme powder wash and Detail clean pore brush

I have frequently the same concern with my skin : pores. I have the habit to try and use different products throughout the years and to let you know if they improved something. These past months I tried a new routine on mornings with 2 products of Tosowoong : the Enzyme powder wash and the Detail clean pore brush (that I already used when I was in France).


Tosowoong Detail clean pore brush


I use the Tosowoong brush only in the morning. It is a soft and good way for me to wash my face in a few movements (and I use my Hangsun in the evening for a deeper cleaning).


I love the so soft and dense bristles (over three hundred thousand micro soft bristles), perfect for sensitive skin. You don’t need to apply too much pressure on the brush for an effective cleansing, just use the brush on circular motions.


The handle is absolutely the right size and shape to fit in my palm so it is completely easy to use the brush and the rope is perfect if you want to hang up your brush somewhere. The only concern is that the brush is very difficult to completely dry (around 3 days in average).


Tosowoong Enzyme powder wash


It is the first time that I try this type of cleanser. It is a little bit disturbing at the beginning because I have the habit to use gel, cream or foam cleanser, so a powder cleanser is a little bit different to use.


The packaging is simple but practical, a white bottle with a blue plastic cap that dispense just the right amount of product. The scent is light but noticeable, I can describe it like a detergent/clean scent.


The texture is a lot of micro pure white beads. You pour a little bit on your palm and add a bit of water to have a delicate foam. Don’t expect a dense foam here but it is not a big deal cause it’s easier to work with !


It is easier to build the foam in your palm first and then grab it with the brush and also, I think it is probably softer for your skin. This product has a PH of 5.5 and contain papain (extract from Papaya). It is a very good cleanser and I like using it to purify my skin, it gives a light exfoliation so it is perfect cause not too harsh. I can’t say that my pores are gone, but it helps to control them and they are clearer.

What do you think about this type of powder cleanser ? Are you willing to try one ?

Products available at Memebox website – Retail price : $9 for the cleanser

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