The theory of everything

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A few weeks ago, I finally watched The theory of everything. The movie seemed to be so good and Eddie Redmayne performance so real, that I was very impatient to discover it !


The movie is based on the memoir « Travelling to Infinity : my life with Stephen » by Jane Wilde Hawking, first and ex-wife of the scientist. Stephen Hawking is a young astrophysics student in Cambridge university when he meets Jane. They fall in love, but quickly, Hawking faces muscle’s troubles and after medical exams learns that he has motor neuron disease (also called ALS) and doctors predicts just 2 years for him to live. He only has 21 years old when the diagnosis appears in 1963.


Hawking is very affected in the first time with this terrible new and begins to recluse himself, thinking just about his researches. In spite of everything, Jane declares her love to him and even tells to Stephen’s parents that his disease will not change anything. They marry and have a first child. But do this love will be strong enough in front of Stephen’s disease ?


I really liked this movie and the actors are all really great. Eddie Redmayne was spectacular and Felicity Jones (playing Jane) was also perfect in her role. I’m really glad that Eddie won the Academy Award Best Male Actor and Golden Globe, he totally deserved it for such a powerful role !

The only thing that I didn’t really like in the movie was the path that Stephen chose in his life…but I don’t want to tell you more 😉

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