The Balm Stainiac

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The Balm Stainiac is a stain for cheeks and lips, the kind of beauty product that is really easy to use and give great results in seconds. I like stain in general because of their particular texture. Even if it could seems weird to use a make up product that looks like blood, I can tell you without hesitation that if you know how to apply it, it could be really a good alternative to your traditional powder blush.


This is a water based product, very light and easily blendable on your cheeks. You just have to apply small touches of product directly on your cheeks and then, blend them in your skin for a flush of color and a natural result ! Beauty Queen is a very nice sheer berry that fits well with pale skin, bringing just the right amount of color on your apples.


This product remind me of the famous Benefit Benetint (just not in the same packaging), furthermore, I really love all the Balm’s packagings, the retro touch, the colors… I’m a fan !


I love to use Stainiac on my cheeks because the result is so beautiful and seems so natural, however I did not really like it on my lips. The product dries the lips (it will make time to dry after the application, but then will dry a lot…too much!) and if your lips aren’t perfect and exfoliate, the result is not nice. To solve this drying problem, just apply a lipbalm over Stainiac (you have to wait that it dries before, of course!).


If you use Stainiac on cheeks, you will see that your flush will stay in place all day (or nearly all day – and this time, no drying effect!). In lips, the color doesn’t fade away quickly too (stays in place for about 2 hours).

Available at The Balm’s website and at some retailers like Nordstrom or Kohls. Retail price : $17/0.3 fl oz

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