The Balm How ’bout them apples ?

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If you are a usual reader, you maybe remember my post about The Balm Stainiac (or it’s not too late to read it!) I also tried another cheeks&lips product they have : the « How ’bout them apples? » palette.


This palette contains 6 different colors that you can use on cheeks or lips. I love the packaging so retro and girly ! That really is the type of packaging that clearly is original and well think. When you open the product, you have a big mirror in one side and the 6 cream blushes/lip glosses on the other side with their names and boy’s picture around them ! So hot !


I am not a big fan of cream palette because I think that it is not very practical to use and tend to be non hygienic once used. Most of the time you will put your fingers in it instead of a brush and it looks quickly bad.


There are 6 different shades in this palette, all beautiful and easily wearable for all complexions. Here are the swatches to let you see the result on the skin


All colors are gorgeous and pigmented, I really like the result ! You can choose to use them to your cheeks or lips. Personally, I prefer them on cheeks and I reserve this palette exclusively for this use.

Available at The Balm’s website and at some retailers like Kohl’s – Retail price : $32

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