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I love comedy shows ! Life is sometimes so hard that you need a good sitcom to laugh and smile right ? So if you are searching for a good one, here is Superstore !

SUPERSTORE -- "Pilot" -- Pictured: (l-r) Colton Dunn as Garrett, Ben Feldman as Jonah -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

If you’re an american, you are maybe a customer of Walmart, the biggest superstore in the US and you are probably sometimes exhausted about going there for groceries…you know why… If you’re not living in the US, you probably don’t understand what I mean, but you’ll like Superstore just the same ! Trust me !

Superstore - Season Pilot

Superstore follows the daily shift of a group of workers of Cloud 9 store. It is hilarious and very close to reality ! All the characters are so typical and touching, and the situations are very funny !


America Ferrera (you maybe saw her in Ugly a few years ago) is playing Emma, she is a floor supervisor and want to be the perfect employee, then, you have : Glenn the crazy store manager who love talking about religion, Cheyenne the pregnant cashier, Jonah and Mateo the newbies, Dinah the « redneck » assistant store manager… All of them have their own problems and stories, and they’re working together in a beautiful mess ! I just love this series ! A must see !

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