St Vincent

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St Vincent is not a conventional movie… that is a movie about life, about the difficulties in life and about love also, even if we are not all able to see the different kind of love there are everywhere between people.

Vincent (Bill Murray) is a Vietnam veteran. He lives alone (when is not with Daka (Naomi Watts) his « lady of the night », a pregnant prostitute) in a little house of Brooklyn and have a lot of problem : he drinks too much, gamble money and had a lot of debts … One night he comes back home drunk and crashed his fence with his car. The next day, in the morning he wakes up and discover that a tree branch damaged his 30 years old car… the result of his new neighbors moving in : Maggie (Melissa McCarthy) a single mother and her 12 years old son Oliver.


Quickly, Maggie who works in an hospital is in need to someone to watch after Oliver after school and Vincent will take this opportunity to earn some money…but Vincent’s idea of after school activities isn’t really what we can think. He brings Oliver in bars, racetracks or nursing home where Vincent’s wife live (she has Alzheimer disease), but Oliver and Vincent relationship is clearly one enriching….


I really appreciated this movie. It’s the kind of movie that shows life as it is. A man who served his country but who lives simply. He feels alone but finally will find a sort of family with people surrounding him. The actors are excellent and it was a pleasure to watch Bill Murray who is brilliant ! Maybe I’ll have the opportunity to meet him as he has a house here in Charleston 😉

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