Soul Sunday Rice wash and Gentle toner

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I have the opportunity to try two products from Soul Sunday, their Rice wash and their Gentle toner and I’m very very satisfied with them ! These are all natural products, vegan and hand blended in the US.


I really love the packaging that is really like the apothecary in the old times and simple : glass bottles and a refined label.

Rice wash


Rice wash is a very nice product. Not the type of cleanser you have the habit to use because, here, the foam is non existent (it is soap free). Perfect for sensitive skin, the texture is very gentle on the face and smell fresh; perfect for an everyday use. I love using this cleanser after having removed my make up on a facial brush. It helps finishing to cleanse my skin perfectly without irritating it.


The formula contains rice water (anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and loaded with vitamin B, which helps promote cell growth), aloe (soothes skin of irritation and inflammation), jojoba oil (balances skin’s own natural oil production) and french lavender essential oil (anti-bacterial and anti-viral,cleanse and prevent acne and calms sensitive skin). After using it, my skin is perfectly clean and pure.

Gentle toner


I use the Gentle toner after the rice wash in the evening and alone the morning to wake me up as a first step in my morning routine. This toner is such refreshing and gentle on my skin than using it is just a delight !


The formula contains witch hazel (natural and mild astringent used to treat skin inflammation and acne), clary sage essential oil (reduce inflammation in skin, calming rashes and redness caused by acne. clary sage also helps create a natural balance in skin, regulating both oil production and dryness), geranium essential oil (helps fade scars & spots cause by acne, and is beneficial to skin prone to eczema and dermatitis) and aloe (which quickly soothes and hydrates). It smells so good and immediately calm down the skin. Love it !

Products available at Soul Sunday website – Retail price : Rice wash $28/4 fl oz – Gentle toner $26/4 fl oz

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