Shea Moisture Lip crayon in Kenia and Olivia

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You probably know Shea Moisture for his body line products, but maybe less for his make up line ! So, today, let me show you Shea Moisture Lip crayon in Kenia and Olivia, two strong colors that will make pop your lips !


This product has a stick packaging very practical and easy to use. It is similar from different brands that made the same type of products (like Clinique Chubby Sticks for example). The nice thing with a lip crayon, is that you can define contours and fill your lips with the same product ! The formula is very soft (with shea butter + vitamin infused) and your lips are well hydrate and super colorful with a satin finish. Also, colors last for hours and that is very good !



Kenia is a reddish pink and is so vibrant ! It is the kind of color that you have to assume on your lips, because it is really present !


I love this color and it is also perfect when you don’t want to apply make up on your eyes because when you wear Kenia, you don’t need anything else !




Olivia is a brown a little bit coppery that is also very nice ! This shade is perfect in summer with a little tan !


The result on lips is lovely and once again perfectly pigmented !


Shea Moisture make up is available at Target – Retail price : around $10

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