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Shadow brushes  Belle

Sure you know me well now ! So one time again I went to the dollar stores to find some beauty stuff to try out and my choice was on shadow brushes this time with Belle’s brand. I never heard about this brand before seeing it in Dollar General and as I love make up brushes and it was cheap, I bought two different types : the dome eye shadow brush and the defining eye shadow brush.

I have some beautiful and expensive eye shadow brushes (Too Faced for example) but I also love cheaper ones (I have a lot of ELF brushes that I really love very much and use everyday) so, every time I’m ready to try other brushes because I think that you could find some excellent brushes even for an affordable price (don’t believe only in MAC brushes or Real techniques!). Moreover, it is pretty cool to find cheaper makeup brushes when you are a beginner in makeup and don’t really know techniques, that is a good way to have tools and practice a little bit without burning your credit card 😉

So, I found these brushes on my Dollar General for $1.25 each witch is a pretty good deal. I never have enough brushes because I use them everyday and sometimes I don’t wash them the same day so I like to have some clean near from hands !

Dome eyeshadow brush


This kind of brush is an essential. You can easily apply shadow over your entire lid with it and is really practical to go nearly everywhere you need it ! The Belle’s one makes me think about my ELF essential C brushes that I own since a long time now and that I use day after day: this one is very similar. In the first hours after I opened the product, I was a little disappointed because it lost some bristles without any reason.


I just unpacked it and see bristles going away, but finally after using it a few times and washed it, it seems to be OK with that now. It is not too soft but it is not uncomfortable too so I think that for this price it’s not too bad.

Defining eyeshadow brush


This brush has a perfect shape to take care of your crease. It help defines eyes and is really useful to complete a good make up. I had no problem with this one : no bristles down, but like the other one it isn’t too soft so it could be a little not pleasant to use.


Sold on Dollar General stores – Retail around $1.25 each

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