These series I used to watch…and finally stopped

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These series I used to watch…and finally stopped

You know how much I love TV series ! I reviewed a lot of series I watch and most of the times, I continue to watch them until the end. But, these months, I felt a change on some of them, and not a good one. So, let’s discover the series I abandoned and why !

Cougar Town


I think I just watched the first season (and I’m not even sure I finished it). I just stopped to watch it because it was not a blast… Story was just OK and characters not really charming… I was just bored to watch it !

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Grimm is actually at his 4th season but I stopped it at the end of the second one. I tried to watch the first episode of the third season but I couldn’t… The story was just unbearable, all these zombies and fights was just too much for me ! It is a shame because I’d like the characters but the story was more and more incredible…

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The Following


I loved this series so much ! The first season was really really good and the scenario was smart. But the second season was all the contrary ! The story was completely nuts and the dialogues totally stupid ! I was very disappointed by the whole second season like so many other people who had the habit to watch this show…I will not watch the third season !

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The Affair


Despite the fact that this series won some Golden Globes a few weeks ago, I did not enjoy the first season. Too much sex and stupid moments in the story for me. So I’ll not follow the second season.

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And then, there are these series I will maybe stop, or not ! I’m still uncertain !

Sleepy Hollow


I really like the characters on this show. They are perfectly blended, funny sometimes and charming together. But the story is sometimes too much supernatural, it’s just depends during episodes…so my feeling are really mixed. I want to watch more, but I would like less supernatural and monsters sometimes…I’ll see !

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House of Cards


I liked House of Cards, specially the first season, but the second one was less interesting. When Franck finally becomes president, what will be the point for another season ?

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And you, are there some series you enjoyed and finally stopped to watch ?

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