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Selfie is one of the new series launched on ABC channel that I was impatient to watch, maybe because as a web addict, the title was perfectly found but also because I was just excited to find a new sitcom that could make me laugh ! Everyone like a comedy when life isn’t everyday funny, right?


Eliza Dooley is a beautiful but (unfortunately) stupid woman. She thinks that social media could help her to be more famous but after all her efforts, she only obtained shame… She finally understands that she has to change if she wants that people see her the way she really wants. So she asks for help in the person of Henry Higgs, a co-worker specialized in image marketing. Eliza will learn that « being friendly » is not just posting pictures on her Instagram account but forget herself once in a while to be more concerned by others.


I really enjoy this sitcom. Eliza and Henry are touching and they learn a lot from each others. Some situations are really funny but never too much. Unfortunately, Selfie has been cancelled a few days ago, so we will not be able to watch a season 2. What a shame…

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