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My husband watched Revolution this summer that is a sort of post apocalyptic science fiction series that takes place in the 2027, 15 years after a permanent electrical black out. People were left in this « new world » and have adapted without electricity. They don’t know why the power went out but try to keep hope in their hearts. The story is about a family, Ben Matheson (played by Billy Burke, Bella’s father in Twilight saga), his daughter Charlie and son Danny that try to avoid the Monroe militia that pursued them.


The series is in 2 seasons : the first one is full of action and captivating. The story is good, so are the actors even if some details are not really credible like the « always clean clothes » of the characters. All the first season is all about the young Charlie Matheson that has troubles to find a good balance between taking care of others and self preservation.


However, the second season is really different and the worst. The story stagnates, the action is less present and the development is very slow and boring. Everything seems more and more ridiculous, even stupid. The main character is no more Charlie but Sebastian Monroe, the nasty man of the story. And finally, the series doesn’t have an end…


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