Red Carpet Ready one step gel manicure

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You know how much I love gel manicures ! But sometimes, it takes a while to execute a perfect application because of all the steps (prep/base/color/seal and all the cures). Red Carpet Manicure had the idea a few months ago to launch a new one step system to help us gain our precious time !

This new gel polish system is extremely simple because instead of all the steps you just have to apply the color gel, cure 45 seconds each coat and go ! A simple way to have beautiful nails in only 5 minutes !


I was happy to discover this innovation (months ago, I’m just so late for my review!) and like I’m sure you have a lot of questions about it, here is my complete review about this system and the colors I tried.


Having a one step gel is like a kind of dream for all npa (nail polish addict) and I had great expectations about this one. There are (for the moment) 27 different shades available, most of them in the pinks and reds (which are the most common shades women wear).

Here is Natural beauty, a nude pink :


That is a pretty and very easy to wear color. The kind of color that every woman can wear without be ashamed at any age. I really like this color.

The other one I tried, Mint to be is a perfect green for all the audacious. I also really like this color but it is less mint that I though.


The whole process is quicker than the other gel polish system I use, but I also found that it is far less resistant than my other gel polishes. The color has the tendency to peel off by itself or having chips after a few hours/days…and when you want to have a durable manicure, that is a problem… The only great thing : that is a perfect product when you need to go out, is in a hurry and need to do your nails in an instant without waiting for them to dry.

However, even if the idea is genius, I think that they maybe have to improve the formula to obtain a real gel polish result (I mean durable for a week or so). The one step formula is not as rigid as the other gel polish and I think that the problem come from this. Here, the product is not bad, but just between a regular polish manicure and a gel one.

Red Carpet Ready One Step is available at Ulta and brand’s website – Retail price : $60 for Red Carpet Ready kit / $13 each gel polish.

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