Red Carpet Manicure Starter kit + Cinderella

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Since I live in the US, I use more and more gel polish instead of classic nail polish. Sometimes even thinking to do a manicure with a normal nail polish is too complicated and I lost the patience to wait that my nails dry… Most of the time, I really need to do things after a manicure and with a classic nail polish, the color isn’t perfectly dry and … I let you imagine !

Gel manicure is really a better alternative for me even if sometimes the removal is the worst step. But I don’t really care about taking time to wrap my nails and remove the gel polish because I had a perfect manicure for weeks !


Red Carpet Manicure is a nice at home gel polish system that you can easily find at Ulta. There are two different Starter kits : one with a portable light (like mine) and the other one with a Professional led light. The portable light can be used with USB port, plug or even with batteries ! So that is a very convenient light to use everywhere. The kit also contains the basics to do and remove your manicure, the only regret for me is that there are no nail file and orange stick in the pack (it is a detail but that is the sort of thing really useful in this type of product).


The light is small and easy to bring with you. It looks like a U with a lot of LED light on the upper side and place to hold yours fingers in the downside. However, this type of « open » light is not my favorite. I found that my gel polish had difficulties to dry correctly when I used this light. Also, drying time is too long ( 1 minute for Structure / 2 minutes for each color coats and 2 minutes for Top Coat) and the light doesn’t stop by itself when time is off… you have to look at your watch or set up a timer ! I recommend the professional version that is most effective (20 seconds for Stucture and 45 seconds for all the other steps) and stop when the time is off.


Red Manicure has a large choice of gel polishes colors and with the recent movie Cinderella, they also propose a beautiful collection. I tried some of these colors.


I really love the packaging of these gel polishes ! They all come in a box that looks like a book. That is so beautiful and romantic ! When you open it, you can see one of the character of the movie on the left and your polish and a quote on the right. I unfortunately didn’t have the time to try all of them yet, but I really like these three colors !



Life is short, wear a tiara is a beautiful blueish glitter. You can choose to wear it alone, but it will be very beautiful as a glitter top coat.



Well, aren’t we lovely is a hot pink with a cream finish (but with a very very light shimmer). That is a beautiful color and very feminine.



That’s madam to you is a shimmery teal. I love these kind of colors ! My picture doesn’t really reflect the right color, I don’t know why… but all I can say is that is a teal more blue than green.


I really like the Red Carpet Manicure gel polishes colors and when I cure them with another light that the portable one, the gel polish has a better resistance.

Starter kit available at Ulta – Retail price $64.99 / Gel nail polish – Retail price $9.99

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