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I do not wear eyeliner everyday, not because I don’t like it but only because I’m not the best in eyeliner application and also because it is difficult to remove at the end of the day. But, I really love how a line of eyeliner can define the eyes and transform a make up.


Most of the time, I use a gel liner. Easier to apply and I love the texture. But, it is quite difficult to find a good brush to apply the liner. Some are too big or the bristles are hard to manage : here the size is perfect and there are no bristles !



This brush has a silicone tip that allows a precise application on your eyelids. Use the silicone for this type of brush is genius because silicone is soft, perfectly flexible and easy to clean. I had no idea about this brush before receiving it. I was happy to give it a try because, like I said, I’m not the best on eyeliner application, so I was curious to see if a different brush could help me with that situation.


I used this brush with a black gel liner. The application was every time very pleasant and smooth. The only thing is that you have to go back in the gel liner more than once to line your eyes. This kind of tip is not very adapted to hold a lot of product, but as far as I’m concern, is not really a problem. So if going back and forth is a problem for you, this brush is not made for you.


Also, sometimes, the tip has tendency to erase what you did if you have to go over the line you already done. Maybe it is just because my liner is a little bit dry, but you have to be aware of that too ! I love the precision of this brush and also the fact that the silicone is very easy to clean (you just have to use a wipe or a cotton with cleansing water). The lines I draw with this brush were always well define and it is easy to do a super fine like a big line depending of the look you want to create ! Really like it !

Last advice : it is an eyeliner brush, right, but why not using it for your eyebrows or as a lip liner brush 😉

Available at LookFantastic – Retail price around $6-$8

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