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That’s been a while that I saw Real Techniques make up brushes everywhere but I firstly chose not to buy them because I had a lot of brushes, so not a real urgent need and I was not sure about the quality even if I saw a lot of reviews around the Internet.

Finally, one day, while I was at Kohl’s, I decide to buy one and see if it worth the try ! I just tell myself that if this first purchase was a success, I will maybe buy a kit after that. And I did !

Real Techniques sells a lot of different make up brushes, single or in kits. Most of the time, kits are more economic but you have to choose it carefully because sometimes brushes in kits are not always useful for your need.

So my choice was the Nic’s picks collection (a limited edition kit) that is a set of 5 brushes : 2 for face and 3 for eyes.


Let’s see my review in video about all these brushes individually :

For French readers :

I really love this set. I’m pretty happy of my choice because I use all the brushes. I washed them several times and I haven’t any issues. The quality is good, I’ll see if they last in the next few months, but after this first month of use, I’m pretty satisfied.


I love the design with black and metal color and the exclusive brushes cuts are amazing. My favorite is the cheek brush, so soft and easy to use !

And, what’s about you ? Did you ever try Real Techniques brushes ? Do you like them ?

Nic’s Pick Collection – Retail price around $29 (limited edition)

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