Phytomer Pionniere XMF reset eye fluid

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Phytomer is a high quality French brand, leader in the marine skin care, pioneer in marine biotechnology and extremely used in spa all over the world. After finishing my last eye contour, I was excited to begin the new one !


Phytomer Pionniere XMF reset eye fluid is an extremely luxurious product. This concentrated eye fluid erase the signs of aging and restore a youthful appearance around the delicate eye area.


The formula is a lightly colored fluid (I was surprised because I though it was just a clear fluid) that distributes light reflecting pigments and pearls over the eye contour for an illuminating appearance.  But the real effect of this product is a combination of ingredients that are highly effective : XMF a natural ingredient with smoothing and densifying properties; Algoreset that helps to restore hydration and Algolight complex a combination of five brightening ingredients that reduce dark circles, pigmentation and puffiness.


I like this product. The fluid is very nice to use and penetrate very quickly. As I work very various hours and constantly in A/C, my eye area is a more and more fragilized zone, and that’s the reason why I can’t live without a eye contour product to help me stay fresh and « not too tired under the eyes »! Since I use this product, my eye contour is better. Unfortunately it didn’t make disappear my fine lines but maybe I have to wait more for a better result (I use it since a month approximately).

Phytomer Pionniere XMF reset eye fluid retail price : $151/15 ml

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