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Outlander is really a great series (adapted from a Diana Gabaldon’s book) ! If you like History, Scotland and love stories, I’m sure that you’ll fall in love with this show ! It is the story of Claire, a woman who was a nurse during WWII and loves botanic. She marries Franck, a man who is passionate by History. They decide to go to Scotland and research information about Franck’s ancestors. Until they witness in secret to a mysterious celebration around stones. The day after this event, Claire goes back to the stones and after touching them woke up at the same place, but in 1743!


She doesn’t really understand what happens and she doesn’t have time to think because she is rapidly attacked by a man who looks like his husband…One of Franck’s ancestors ! Fortunately, another man helps her and brings her back safe in a castle… She is now in one of the most important clan of Scotland (The Mackenzie) as a « guest », but nearly everybody consider her like an English spy.


She meets Jamie, the Laird’s nephew who has had a very bad time with English army in the past and who seems to be the only one who really care about her.


I really love this series, the actors are wonderful, the story captivating and the set stunning ! I can’t wait to see the others episodes but I will have to wait until april for that !


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