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There are some brands that you never tried before and did not know a lot, but the day you get their products in hand you are telling yourself « Waou, that is perfectly what I love! » and Lauren Brooke cosmetiques is one of them !

This brand is organic and so uses ingredients that are not aggressive to the skin for an healthy make up ! Their line of cosmetics and skin care products are purely natural, organic (no paraben, chemicals etc) and also cruelty free ! Even if I use and like the traditional make up (that is way more chemical), I really enjoy to find products that are safer, natural and effective.

I tried some products from Lauren Brooke : a foundation, an eyeshadow duo, a blush and a sponge. Here is my review about each one.

Creme foundation – Neutral #20 


This foundation is available in 21 shades (yes, you read well, 21 shades, isn’t that amazing?). This product is such a good one ! I tried the Neutral #30 and the color is just perfect for me ! Texture is smooth and creamy, blend easily for a covering result that stays natural. I really love this foundation so much ! It is just a little bit greasy for me, but with a little bit of loose powder it’s forgotten !

Eyeshadow duo – Cappuccino/Pearl


I didn’t know what to expect with this double eyeshadows. Will it be enough pigmented, shiny and last the whole day? When I received it and open it, I was extremely well surprised to see that the colors seemed to be very luminous and beautiful.


My first try was a revelation. These colors are so gorgeous! The product is really well pigmented and the result on the eyes is so nice that I wore it multiple days in a row. It is also my go-to for my lazy days, when I have to do my makeup quickly.


Pressed cheek color – Sweet sixteen


This blush is very highly pigmented so you have to be very careful when you apply it on your cheeks. Personally, I have the habit to deal with this kind of issue, but, if you are new with make up you have to know this : it’s always easier to re-apply than remove !

The product is also a little bit too powdery so it is kind of difficult to let it « clean » after using it (some powder stays on the surface so be careful when you re-open it the other day). Apart from that, this blush is beautiful and blend easily. The color is just perfect for a flush and add life to your face.

Pure complexion Blending sponge


I am always very interested by this kind of beauty tool. I already tested different kind of blending sponge (but never try the famous Beauty Blender) and I was never disappointed. Here, the pure complexion blending sponge exists in two colors (pink and black) and has a conventional shape.

You can use it dry or humid to apply the foundation and the result is very smooth and flawless ! I really like this sponge and the quality is great.

Products available at Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques website – Retail price : $27 for foundation / $12 eyeshadow duo / $14 for blush / $11 for sponge. Also you can order sample of most of the products to try them and find the right shade for you, amazing !

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