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me-and-the-girlsYou know how much I love to discover new brands and if they are natural, it is way better ! Today, let me introduce you to Me and the girls ! Me & the Girls offers simple, organic beauty solutions for all women regardless of age, ethnicity, or skin type. They use all natural certified organic ingredients to promote a healthy body and naturally enhanced beautiful skin. Also the brand is engaged in the « Hope bag mission »,  a social initiative that supports non-profit organizations that house and recover survivors who are rescued from human trafficking throughout the country.

I tried their Mini trial and travel set as well as some of their other products and I was very pleased and in love with every single one of them !

Mini trial and travel set

img_7622This set is so cute ! You’ve got 7 mini products inside a beautiful pouch. It is the perfect fit if you want to try the product before buying the full sized, it really introduces you to the Me and the girls products.

img_7766So inside the pouch you’ve got mini versions of :

  • Limonum Sugar Body Scrub : this scrub smells soooo good ! I love the way it scrubs my body and let it smooth and revive !
  • Lavandula Revive Foot Scrub : a perfect treat for my poor feet ! It is the special treatment I love to give them after a long day walking and standing at work. It really improved my feet and they are like rested after it !
  • Lavandula Revive Foot Softening Creme : perfect after the foot scrub, it is very moisturizing and complete the treat !
  • Moon™ Anti-Aging Night Facial Moisturizer : a balmy texture and once again a super amazing scent. I love this product that pampers my skin before bedtime !
  • Moon™ Beauty Serum : This is more an oil than a serum to me, but whatever, I love it !  The scent is amazing, it absorbs very fast in the skin and dry without any greasing sensation afterwards.
  • Bar Beleza Multi-Use Beauty Bar : see my detailed review below.
  • Lip Combo Moisturizer : see my detailed review below.
  • a Bamboo spoon

This set is amazing and it is also TSA approved !

Bar Beleza Multi-use beauty bar

img_7619This product is a winner. This bar beleza is a multi-use product that you can use as :

  • a moisturizer
  • a non foaming oil cleanser
  • a makeup primer
  • for dry and cracked skin
  • for mild skin irritations
  • for sensitive skin
  • as a night moisturizer

img_7616I also use it after the removal of my hair legs to stop the irritation and it works so well ! One of the super nice point of this product as well as the efficacy is the scent which is truly amazing! Also you can bring it everywhere with you because of its solid shape. A winner I told you !

Sugar lip scrub and Mentha revive lip moisturizer

img_7611This duo is made to give you beautiful and flawless lips ! The sugar lip scrub is a little bit surprising the first time you open the product, because of its color, a very dark brown sugary texture. Once again, the scent is truly nice and the formula is perfect. Just use a small dab at a time and gently scrub your lips, rinse and apply some lip moisturizer lipstick on top for a perfect supple pout.

I’m really glad I had discovered this brand because I love every single one of the products I tested ! It is a lovely concept and the products are great quality (products are made without water, which eliminates the need for harsh preservatives or chemicals)

Mini trial set, Bar Beleza, Lip scrub and some other great products are available at meandthegirl website. Retail prices : Mini trial set $64 / Bar Beleza $42 / Lip scrub $18

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