Lavanila The healthy deodorant

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I really take care about the deodorant I use. I don’t like them chemicals and totally avoid aluminium in the formula. But unfortunately it is quite difficult to find a good one in traditional stores even if there are some alternatives like alum rock or Tom’s of Maine deodorants… In the other hand, with internet, we now can find nearly everything we need and the choice is bigger.


Maybe you’ll be a little suspicious about this deodorant if you never try a natural one. This is NOT an antiperspirant but really a deodorant, so don’t ask to the product to make you stop sweating, that is completely impossible… Aware of that, this deodorant is very effective and nice to use.


The texture glide easily and doesn’t irritate armpits. I’ve got the Vanilla/Passion Fruit fragrance and I really love it. Not too strong and really pleasant, also, long lasting ! The application is really convenient, it is a stick so you can easily control the amount you apply !


I really enjoy this deodorant. Also, this product is vegan. The only concern in my point of view is the price, a little bit expensive but the amount is generous so it lasts quite a time !

Available at Sephora and Lavanila’s website. Retail price  $14 /1.7 oz

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