Lauren B Beauty Venice Beach Venus and House of blues

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Lauren B Beauty Venice Beach Venus and House of blues

Like every girl I know, I love nailpolishes ! When I lived in France I had such a lot of bottles that it was very difficult for me to store them. Since I live in the US (more than a year now – wow) I am still discovering new nailpolishes brands and it is a real pleasure to see the diversity and creativity around here !

Lauren B Beauty is a brand that want to bring long lasting and beautiful shades without harsh ingredients. And I have to say that the colors I tried are effectively very effective and so beautiful !

Venice Beach Venus


Venice beach venus is a beautiful blue/green teal, the perfect color for summer ! I just apply one coat here but if you want a little more opacity, two coats would be probably better. I love this kind of color, very pretty and so summery !



House of blues


House of blues is a very deep blue/midnight blue, very pigmented and so beautiful ! Here, one coat is not a problem at all, the opacity is very good. This color is perfect for every occasion and stay classy.


I really love the packaging of the bottles, they are so cute ! The brush is also very efficient and so easy to use ! Colors are gorgeous and they are long lasting !

Lauren B Beauty nailpolishes are available online and at selected retailers – Retail price $18 per bottle.

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