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kiehls-new-masksBusy schedule and very hot weather are very hard to manage. Sometimes my skin is absolutely in need of some pampering time and the better treatment is apllying a mask for sure ! Kiehl’s new masks are really interesting and they bring so much benefits ! Let’s discover them !

Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance masque

IMG_6893This mask is the one you will need if your skin is dull and tired. The curcuma and cranberry are gonna energizing your face. The texture is really strange at the first place, the orange/beige cream contains some pieces to gently exfoliate. There is clay in the formula but also eucalyptus and mint so the freshness is absolutely amazing on the skin !

IMG_6894You are supposed to let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes, meantime the mask is gonna dry. Once everything is dried, it is time to wash it off ! Use a little bit of water and gently rub your skin. The seeds are gonna exfoliate your skin ! It is a little bit difficult to rinse but the effect on the skin is really nice !

Cilantro & Orange extract Pollutant Defending masque

IMG_6895The second mask is a protective mask against the pollution. The texture is a very thin mint colored gel. I like this kind of texture on my skin.

IMG_6896This one is a non-rinse mask and it contains AHA so you really have to use it only at night and not in the mornings (AHA is sun sensitive). It tingles a little bit but nothing terrible. So once you are done, you can just use a tissue to remove the excess. In the morning, skin is soft and beautiful !

Products available at Kiehl’s – Retail price $32 each

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