Is semi permanent manicure for you ?

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I began to try semi permanent manicure at home when I lived in France and it was a revelation for me. I love having my nails done but sometimes I’m just too lazy to redo my nails in a frequent basis. Classic nail polishes are not always very long lasting and I’m sometimes late to remove the color from my nails even if this color fade away… Also, I’m very active with my fingers, so most of the times, I can’t keep a nailpolish very clean and perfect for more than a few days.

With semi permanent manicure, I don’t think about this kind of consideration. The crazy stuff in this type of manicure is that the gel polish resists to everything ! You can do anything you want with your fingers without thinking about ruining your nails and that is just fantastic !

Gel polish manicure takes a little more time for the application, but finally, not a lot more when you consider the drying time you have to respect with some classic nailpolishes. Some of them require a prep + a base + 2 coats of colors + a top coat and you have to cure your nails under a LED lamp between each coat. That could seems to be a lot, but finally when you know that your mani will stay for as long as 2 weeks, that is a little effort you can totally do ! And the more crazy is that the gel polish stays perfect and so bright !!!


Personally, I’m a huge fan of semi permanent manicure. I actually tried 2 different brands here and I have to show you my latest tests ! First there is Gelish that I really love because the products are easy to use, really professional and the colors are wonderful and then, there is Red Carpet that I didn’t tried too much for the moment to have a real point of view about it.

So if you are interested about gel manicure at home, stay tuned, I will show you that nearly !

The only thing I do not like with semi permanent manicure is the removal. You have to « broke » the top coat with a nail file and then wrap nail in aluminium foil with cottons soak of nail polish remover. You have to wait approximately 10 minutes and then you have to scrap your nails… This method is a little bit traumatic for the nails and they can even be damage if you do it wrong… So, if you’re not ready for that, maybe that polishes aren’t for you !

Do you like gel polishes ? Or do you prefer classic nail polishes ?

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