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Since I was a child, I always been interested by space. I was intrigued by the stars and by the fact that a milky way could hide such a lot of different planets. But despite of that, I am not the kind of girl that like Sci-Fi more than others and I don’t also go to the theater as soon as a new spacial movie is out. I just watch this kind of movie without any kind of hurry. I watched Gravity after everybody and was not very enthusiastic by this movie…


Interstellar is very different. It is more futuristic and energetic than Gravity. In a world where civilization regressed to an agrarian society and where the harvests are more and more infrequent, Cooper, a widowed former military pilot and NASA astronaut runs a farm with his father in law and raise his children Murphy and Tom. Murphy, his 10 years old girl believes that her room is haunted by a poltergeist. She already saw strange movements with books on the shelves that created codes with dust on the floor. Cooper explains to Murph, that it must be a sort of intelligence sending message with gravity.


That brings them to a secret place where the NASA works about the possibility to find a new planet for the humans to live in before they all died. The scientists reveal that they find a wormhole where planets in another galaxy could be use if one of them has all the conditions of viability. Three missions had already been send there and professor Brand also need data about the super massive black hole named Gargantua that would help him to solve the equation about use of gravity for propulsion. He then asks Cooper to pilot the Endurance. They just have two option : plan A : one of the world is livable and they will be able to send humans there to save them or plan B : they don’t have anymore time, humans on Earth are condemned, so they have to bring human embryos to eventually found a colony.


Cooper decides to accept the mission even if he knows that he might be separated from his children for a long time… Will he be able to save them and the whole human specie ?

I really enjoyed this movie even if it is a very long one (nearly 3 hours long!). Actors are excellent and there are a lot of suspense and action. I just did not understand everything about the end, but, the whole movie was very nice and you don’t really realize that you stayed nearly 3 hours in your couch !

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