How to renew your hair

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Spring is finally here ! It is the perfect time to renew our hair ! Months and months of winter left them dull and poor, so it is clearly the time to change it all ! Here are a few tips to help you « renew » your hair !

Step 1 : Get rid of the toxins

To do so, nothing better than a good scalp massage it allows to reactivate blood circulation and to oxygenate the fiber. On wet hair during shampoo, just massage your scalp gently with your fingertips and make small pressure on temples, line of the forehead and the outline of ears.

Step 2 : Revive the regrowth

Like autumn, spring is one of the season where our hair fall more than usual. No panic ! That is physiological and we can boost our regrowth. Your new hair is then as thick and numerous than the hair you lost ! To help this regrowth, choose a healthy and complex diet :

  • Zinc and magnesium for a strengthened keratin. Eat : seafood, lentils, whole bread, cocoa, almonds…
  • Iron for a better oxygenation in the roots. Eat : parsley, black sausage, calf’s liver, spinach…
  • Proteins to strengthen hair. Eat : sole, tuna, cheese, cooked ham, chicken, egg yolks, beef…
  • Vitamin B that helps hair to grow. Eat : mushrooms, cereals…
  • And if you want more results or are not able to eat all the nutriments you need, you can also help yourself by taking some food supplements to fight hair loss or stimulate the regrow.


If you are not a food complements lover you can also try out to dilute rum in your hair mask (rum has good hair strengthening power) !

Step 3 : Spoil your hair and stop assaulting them !

To have beautiful and healthy hair avoid damaging the fiber ! That don’t ask a lot of techniques, just some few tips :

  • Wash your hair less frequently. Wash your hair everyday or too often make them regrease too fast because of the sebaceous glands that are too activated. 3 shampoos per week is the maximum, try to find the good frequency for you.
  • Opt for a boar bristle brush, not very glamorous but it has the advantage of being the least aggressive and the closest of keratin. On the other side, to disentangle, nothing is better than a wide-tooth comb that will not break the hair fiber.
  • Left them dry in the air as often as possible !! And when the weather is not suitable and that you have to use a hair dryer, choose it with a power of 1500 watts, several speeds and different temperatures positions. Thereby, the temperature can be varied according to the needs and you avoid overheating! And to make it even better, use a thermo-protector product that acts as a shield between the hair and the heat of the hairdryer. Also, avoid your hair straightener for the same reasons (heat and damage the hair)

So, with these few simple tips, you’ll be able to have beautiful hair that you can proudly sported with the return of the sun!

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