How to choose the best deodorant

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How to choose the best deodorant

Deodorant is really one of the essential of everyone’s skincare. Everybody is sweating (some people more than others) and we all want to stop the smelly nasty scent by covering it or even stopping it. How to choose the best deodorant ? Different types of deodorants are on the market : the regular deodorant and the antiperspirant; both of them are declined in a lot of packaging : roll on, solids, sprays…

What is the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant?

Deodorant reduces odor by eliminating the bacteria in sweat, while antiperspirant reduce sweat by stopping up sweat glands and keeping it from reaching your skin.

What is the best choice for me ?

If sweat is not really an issue for you, and if you are only looking to just control odor, a simple deodorant will be the best for you. But if you really want to stop sweating and control this natural phenomenon, the antiperspirant will help you. Also, think about the health issue. An antiperspirant will contain aluminium and it could be harmful for you.

What is the best packaging ?

While Americans tend to prefer solids and roll-ons, sprays account for 50% of all deodorant sales worldwide. Consider solids, roll-ons, sprays and even cream to find the best shape for you !

  • The clear roll-ons can create a wet feeling that some may find uncomfortable.
  • Solids are drier, and often contain soothing ingredients to counteract irritation. However, it is difficult to avoid getting solid deodorant on your clothes.
  • Sprays dry quickly and last longer than roll-ons and solids, but they are often more expensive.
  • Don’t forget to explore the natural deodorants ! You can avoid harmful artificial ingredients and choose to not interfere with your body’s natural sweating process. Natural deodorant have different levels of efficacy so you have to experiment to find what works for you. Also you will not find any natural antiperspirant. « Natural, » aluminum-free products cannot prevent perspiration. Their ingredients only provide deodorizing benefits.

What the best deodorant does ?

  • Lasts nearly all day. Your deodorant should not require frequent reapplication throughout the day.
  • Works well at fighting odor and sweat. The best deodorants/antiperspirants fight odor and wetness at the source, even when it’s hot outside or the user is engaged in physical activity.
  • Easy to use packaging. The product should be convenient and easy to use
  • No white marks. The best deodorants and antiperspirants go on clear and won’t mess up your clothing.
  • Dries quickly. The quickest it dries, the better it is ! So you don’t have to wait long before putting clothes on !
  • Has a nice scent. A nice scent is important but choose it not too overpowering !
  • Doesn’t irritate skin. Deodorants with harsh ingredients can cause rashes on people with sensitive skin; they can also cause irritation when used directly after shaving.

My advice :

Personally I banished all antiperspirants a long time ago ! I do not want to use any product with aluminium and prefer all natural products. I used a lot of different brands and even if the natural deodorants do not stop my sweat, I prefer to use them than some with harmful ingredients !

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