Hart of Dixie

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Hart of Dixie

I fell in love with this series…OK, this blog post takes off in a big day !! But I really fell in love rapidly of Hart of Dixie. I had heard a lot about it but (I don’t know why) was never attracted to watch it before (maybe because the main character is a doctor)…

So, finally I began to watch it a few weeks ago (Netflix again!) and totally loved it, like you know, love at first sight ! The story takes place in Alabama, in a little (fictive) town named Bluebell where doctor Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) arrived from NYC. At the beginning, that is very difficult for her to take a place in this small town where everybody know everyone and witch is so different from the Big Apple.


She’ll meet Mayor Lavon Hayes that will be one of her best-friends and also two men that will drive her crazy : George Tucker a local lawyer and Wade Kinsella a bartender. The Southern hospitality will make some times to be real for Zoe between the fact that the other doctor of the medical practice, Brick Breeland isn’t happy at all to share his professional space with the young woman and his daughter, Lemon Breeland who will see Zoe like a menace for her future wedding with handsome George Tucker…


I really love this small southern town ambiance where everyday is a festivity. Maybe is was just the good timing for me to see this series because I’m also in a Dixie and that it reflects perfectly what is it to live in a small southern american town. People are full of surprise and actors are incredible. The story is really great and Zoe’s love affairs are breathtaking !

For all the curious and fans, you can even see a nice website of the virtual town of Bluebell, AL, here : http://bluebell.cwtv.com/

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